Charge Cars, West Drayton

We worked on a prestigious project for Charge, a successful startup from the UK, that specialises in producing high-end electric muscle vehicles. Using meticulous attention to detail we delivered an exceptional electrical infrastructure that would meet the unique demands of Charge’s growing operations.

From scratch to project wrap we designed and delivered various electrical works, including a robust power distribution system that would efficiently support the workshop and production areas, while adhering to the highest industry standards. In order to ensure energy efficiency we installed a comprehensive lighting system, by strategically placing energy-efficient LED fixtures and incorporating intelligent controls (knx), to achieve an optimal balance between illumination quality and power consumption.

We expertly engineered a reliable network infrastructure throughout the facility, which included installation of data cabling, network switches, and Wi-Fi access points, ensuring uninterrupted communication and data transfer for both office staff and production equipment. To ensure we met the highest safety standards we implemented grounding measures, surge protection systems, and adhered to rigorous electrical safety protocols to safeguard personnel and equipment from potential hazards. This also included the design and installation of power outlets and lighting solutions in a functional kitchen space for staff to rejuvenate.

Our role extended beyond the electrical domain, as we seamlessly collaborated with architects, contractors, and technicians to integrate electrical components into the facility’s overall design. From strategic power outlet placement to implementing intricate wiring and circuitry, our collective expertise integrated electrical systems with the architectural vision.

ARRIVAL HQ, Kensington



We completed electrical design and  installation for a laboratory and sustainable office space for Happy Electron, a pioneering energy innovation startup in the electric car industry, in Acton, West London.

The industrial estate unit underwent a transformation into a two-story facility, which included establishing power distribution, lighting systems, and smart controls to meet their specific needs. The ground level houses a state-of-the-art laboratory, a customized kitchen, and a vibrant cafeteria area and the mezzanine level contains the modern office space.

TRA, Marlow

The project included converting two buildings of 4,000 m2 into a modern R&D factory workshop for a new product by an electric car manufacturer.

We developed a robust power distribution network to support the industrial machinery required for the project. Additionally, we installed a controlled lighting system, integrating the PHILIPS PRO-SERIES for optimal illumination. 

We established a specially equipped server room on the ground floor with precise air temperature control. As part of the project industrial cranes and power charges were installed.

exclusive Villa , Virginia waters

luxury House, Notting Hill